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Important Car Dealership Marketing Advice for A Successful Dealership

If you find that your current approach towards your car dealership marketing isn’t giving you any gains, then you need to modify your approach. Though car dealership advertising is necessary, but it can become costly and also can damage your dealership reputation if you have not been careful.

Spammy mailers, scratch cards and newspaper ads have become outdated and unproductive. To improve dealership traffic, it is advised to modify the approach. It is now time to improvise your auto dealership.

Upload and share videos

More than what they hear from others, people are very much driven by pictures and photos. You can share videos of happy and satisfied customers, “how-to” videos, test drive videos, short clips that introduce dealership staff members, etc. All these types of posts help customers to get comfortable with the auto dealership before they decide to walk into that store.

Use your CRM

Many people want to know what is the need of automotive CRM software? This software is an effective way to aim for the right demographic. As a large section of sales leads contact an auto dealer many times prior to visiting in person, it becomes very important to have a system in place to track, organize and analyze sales efforts.

By supervising your business promotions, these systems allow you to see the type of strategies that are generating results, and which demographics are they making an impression.

Ensure your dealership is mobile friendly

As people are nowadays seen to be more on phones, why not use it in the advantage of your business. Ensure that the website of your dealership is a lot mobile friendly, and the team is active in making use of their mobile CRM for effective engagement and response to clients.

Auto buyers who make use of their mobile devices are seventy percent more probable to make repeated visits to a dealership. Leads from repeated customers are 6 to 10 times less costly than new sales leads. In this way, CRM benefits a business in generating repeated leads and proving to be profitable in the later years.


In case of car dealership marketing, social media can prove to be very useful. Social media aids dealers in creating more engagement with them. It is not just a cost-effective mode of advertising business but also provides greater visibility to a business.

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